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UI/UX design

We are experts in UI/UX design and deliver both aesthetic and highly functional user interfaces for complex web applications.

What is user interface (UI) design? 

The user interface is what visitors to a website or software users see on the screen. User interface design therefore refers to the process of designing the visual elements and interaction elements of websites and web applications. The main goal is to create an appealing and effective user interface that allows users to intuitively use the platform's functionalities. It includes aspects such as layout, color scheme, fonts and interaction options, with a focus on the design of the graphical interface. 

What is user experience (UX) design? 

User experience refers to the totality of experiences and impressions that users have when interacting with a website or web application. User experience design therefore goes beyond visual design to consider all aspects of interaction, including emotional reactions and perceptions. The main goal is to create a positive experience by taking into account the needs, expectations and behavior of the user.

What can you expect from our UI/UX design?

Responsive design

The optimization of our websites for display on different screen sizes is standard for us. We aim to ensure that our websites can be viewed and operated as optimally as possible on every device.

Accessible design

In order to provide users with physical disabilities with the greatest possible accessibility, we always ensure good legibility, sufficient contrast and the simplest possible operation.

Evaluated usability

We check our web designs for compliance with established guidelines for the design of user interfaces so that users can achieve their goals efficiently and satisfactorily.

Consistent design system

A systematic approach ensures a uniform appearance across different applications and increases the recognition value.

Modular design system

We do not develop individual screen layouts, but a modular design system. We think in terms of components and modules that can be flexibly combined to create different variants of screen layouts.

Micro interactions

Beyond an aesthetic and functional design, small animations can encourage interaction and have a big impact on the user experience.

Timeless aesthetics

We focus on sustainability by avoiding short-lived trends and creating modern, minimalist designs based on many years of experience.

Excellent typography

We have high standards and a good eye for typography. In order to create a good visual hierarchy and good legibility, suitable fonts, font sizes and spacing are carefully selected and optimized.

Coherent icons

To visually support the understanding and communication of actions or complex information, we use carefully selected or individually designed icons as both decorative and functional design elements.

What makes us special in UI/UX?

Analytical approach

Our strength lies in understanding and analyzing our customers' needs and developing effective solutions based on our many years of experience.


We design user interfaces neither for us nor for you, but for the actual users with their individual needs and abilities.

Systemic design

We always think in terms of modular and expandable design systems so that all design components can be consistently combined with each other.

"User Experience doesn't happen on a screen, 
it happens in the mind."

John Whalen (UX expert and psychologist)

Why is user experience important? 

A well-designed user experience is crucial to the success of a website or web application. A nice-looking user interface alone is not enough to satisfy your users. The page structure and interaction elements should be designed in such a way that they can complete their tasks efficiently and without frustration. If a system is well thought out and tested, errors during use can also be avoided. This increases productivity and creates a positive user experience. And satisfied users are more likely to visit a website or application again and recommend it to others in their social circle. For this reason, we see the design of the user experience as an essential component in the development of websites and web applications and always recommend spending enough time on this in the design process.

Possible services in UI/UX design

Working together to create a user-friendly interface 

The dialog between our designers and clients allows us to understand the specific requirements and goals, while the involvement of the end users ensures that the interface meets their needs and expectations. Continuous feedback and iterative design processes create a collaborative environment in which the user interface is constantly improved, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and functional application.

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