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We specialize in the creation of professional, individual websites. We accompany you from the concept to the development and operation of the website. A content management system gives you full control over your content.

What do we mean by a website? 

A website is a browser-based application that primarily presents information, content or services. It usually consists of various individual web pages that are linked to each other and can be navigated via hyperlinks. If the URL of the website is called up in the browser, the homepage of the website opens as the starting point of the digital offering. Our websites are primarily created to provide information, to interact with users, to present products or services, to communicate or for entertainment purposes. They serve as an important interface between companies, organizations or individuals and their target groups on the Internet.

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What can you expect from our websites?

Individual structure

We avoid generic templates and rely on individual, flexible layouts and structures that are best suited to the purpose and content of your website.

Individual design

We avoid generic templates and rely on individual, flexible layouts and structures that are best suited to the purpose and content of your website.

Responsive design

Our websites are optimized for display on all screen sizes so that they can be displayed and operated as optimally as possible on any end device.

Modular design

We use component-based design systems that provide efficient, scalable UI components. This allows us to optimize collaboration between designers and developers and ensure consistent design solutions.

Content management system

A content management system (CMS) provides customers with a user-friendly platform for easily managing and updating their website content, which guarantees time savings and increased flexibility.

Open Source Software

We rely on open source to increase flexibility and security through transparency and to promote innovative solutions through the global developer community.

GDPR compliance

Technical SEO

Modern IT security standards

Fast loading times

Operation on a German cloud server

What is optional on our websites?

Complex, multi-level navigation

Facilitates the efficient organization of content, improves the user experience, saves space and promotes search engine optimization (SEO).


Expands reach, improves user experience for an international audience and increases global brand presence and search engine optimization.

Accessibility according to WCAG

Compliance with WCAG accessibility guidelines improves accessibility for all users, expands the target audience and increases usability and compliance.

Connection of interfaces

By integrating APIs, our websites can communicate seamlessly with external services in order to integrate external data or use external functions.

What makes our websites special?

High-quality, timeless design down to the last detail

Our aim is to create timeless designs that are characterized by lasting aesthetics and attention to detail, thus outlasting trends and lasting in the long term.

Durable, maintainable, modern technologies

We work with durable, maintainable and modern technologies that ensure that our projects are future-proof, efficient to maintain and always up to date.

Best user experience and performance

We always put the best user experience and performance at the center of our work. This ensures that every interaction is seamless, fast and intuitive.

"We need less,
but better."

Dieter Rahms, industrial designer

Custom-made instead of one size fits all 

With us, you get a customized website that fits your needs exactly. We do not rely on website construction kits that try to meet all common requirements. We work with you to design the functionality and design that really helps you and work down to the last detail. We do away with things you don't need and optimize the important features instead. This not only improves the user experience, but also better meets the specific requirements of your project or company. You are more flexible when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). You can structure content better, use meta tags more effectively and make other optimizations to ensure that your website is found better in search engines. Scalability is also a plus. You can easily add new features and content to keep pace with the growth of your project without the limitations of a website builder. The performance of your website is easier to optimize, and you can implement security measures exactly as you want them. This gives you more control over data protection and security.

Our key technologies for the creation of websites

Possible use cases

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