Our guidelines

We have developed guidelines with our team to ensure a good working environment

Developing high-quality, customized website and software products that meet international quality standards in an appreciative, fair and progressive environment – that's how we work at Alle Wetter. We are convinced that the joy of working together counts just as much for our clients and our team as a successful end product. We value collaboration that is not only effective, but also enjoyable. For us, this includes communication at eye level, respectful use of time and resources and trust in the know-how and expertise of everyone involved. You can read more about this in our guidelines.


Respect is the basis for a pleasant and productive working culture. That is why we value fair, respectful cooperation within the team. We respect different views, attitudes and lifestyles. This also means that we listen to each other and communicate with each other as equals. We support each other and give constructive feedback. And we respect the working and living time of our colleagues. 


We are convinced that a good relationship of trust within the team leads to an open, communicative atmosphere and promotes a creative, independent way of working. That is why we are committed and reliable in our dealings with each other. Our communication is transparent and honest. We trust in the expertise and skills of our counterparts. In this way, we avoid unnecessary stress in the workplace and ensure that all employees can concentrate on their work. 


In a respectful and trusting working environment, everyone has the opportunity and security to say what they think. This includes openness and tolerance as well as a positive error culture. No one is judged. Mistakes and problems can be addressed and discussed openly. This allows us to find solutions together and learn new things. 


Fairness in the workplace also stems from respect: all employees are equal, regardless of their gender, origin, age, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics. Everyone has the opportunity to develop according to their inclinations and needs. Of course, this also means that we take into account individual needs such as work-life balance. 


What we develop today should still be good tomorrow. That's why we work on products and solutions that will still be functional and look good in a few years' time. In this work, we use all resources responsibly. This applies not only to budgets, but also to energy and time. We also prefer to use open source solutions for our development work: This not only gives us access to freely available resources, but also allows us to participate in the vibrant communities that support these projects. For this reason, we strive to contribute to the developer community through open source contributions whenever possible. 


We are tech nerds and are passionate about what we do. We are willing to learn and expand our knowledge – preferably by exchanging ideas in a team and in the open source community. An industry that is developing dynamically and regularly produces exciting new solutions is of course the perfect match. 


Of course, we have certain toolsets and workflows that have proven their worth for us and that we prefer to work with. However, this does not mean that these things are set in stone. We prefer to be agile rather than dogmatic. If something is not (or no longer) practicable for a particular project or in general, we are always prepared to use alternatives or think in a completely new direction. At the same time, we don't have to adopt every buzzword, working method or tool or every new technology just because it's trendy. 


We work in a solution-oriented way instead of getting lost in unproductive theoretical discussions. We are flexible and open to compromise because we are convinced that we can achieve the best results in a constructive working environment and broaden our horizons at the same time.