Our methods & tools

Productive collaboration with our customers is crucial for good results

Good collaboration is essential to achieve good results. We use effective tools and methods so that we can work well together. This ranges from prototyping tools that give you a direct feel for the design to agile approaches that give us the flexibility we need. We rely on transparent communication and direct feedback to make the process efficient and uncomplicated. Our goal is to work with you to develop solutions that work and inspire you.

Our methodical approaches to collaboration


Interviews are a simple and effective method for developing customer-oriented solutions that offer real added value. They help us to check assumptions and align the development with your actual needs.


Workshops are an interactive method of collaboration that offers us space for joint brainstorming, problem solving and planning. Workshops promote mutual understanding and allow you to be actively involved in the development process,

Collaborative sessions

A whole workshop is not always the right setting for collaboration. Smaller, focused meetings that address specific topics or problems are often sufficient. They enable closer collaboration for quick decisions and direct contributions with less organizational effort.


Prototyping is a method of creating tangible models of a product early in the development process to test and refine design concepts. It enables quick feedback from users and team members, which leads to more efficient iterations and user-centered product development.

Feedback loops

We use regular feedback loops to continuously gather feedback from you in order to incorporate it into further development. This method allows us to iteratively improve products and ensure that they remain closely aligned with your needs and expectations.

Our most important collaboration tools


Asana is a web-based project management tool that enables teams to organize, track and manage their work to improve efficiency and collaboration.


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software that enables users to conduct virtual meetings, webinars and collaborations with HD video and audio, screen sharing and other interactive features.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-based productivity tools that integrates email, document creation, calendaring, cloud storage and collaboration features to facilitate team collaboration and communication.


Figma is a cloud-based design tool that enables teams to collaborate on interface designs, create prototypes and share feedback in real time.


FigJam is an online whiteboard tool from Figma that provides teams with a collaborative platform for brainstorming, ideation and planning in a visually interactive format.