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Web design

We conceive and create customized responsive web design with timeless aesthetics, good typography and an optimal user experience.

What do we mean by web design?

For us, web design refers to the design, structuring and visual implementation of websites. It includes the aesthetic design of the user interface, the arrangement of content, the selection of colors, fonts and graphics to create an appealing and user-friendly website. We not only consider the aesthetic appearance, but also the functionality and user-friendliness of the website. Responsive design is standard for us to ensure that it works optimally on different devices. Good web design takes into account the needs of the target audience and helps to create a positive experience for users.

What can you expect from our web design?

Responsive design

Optimizing our websites for display on different screen sizes is standard for us. We aim to ensure that our websites can be viewed and operated optimally on any device.

Modular design system

We do not develop individual screen layouts, but a modular design system. We think in terms of components and modules that can be flexibly combined to create different variants of screen layouts.

Excellent typography

We have high standards and a good eye for typography. In order to create a good visual hierarchy and good legibility, suitable fonts, font sizes and spacing are carefully selected and optimized.

Coherent icons

To visually support the understanding and communication of actions or complex information, we use carefully selected or individually designed icons as both decorative and functional design elements.

Barrier-free design

In order to provide users with physical disabilities with the greatest possible accessibility, we always ensure good legibility, sufficient contrast and ease of use.

Tested usability

We check our web designs for compliance with established guidelines for the design of user interfaces so that users can achieve their goals as efficiently and satisfactorily as possible.

What makes our web design stand out?

Timeless aesthetics

We focus on sustainability by avoiding short-lived trends and creating modern, minimalist designs based on many years of experience.

Modular approach

Website content is dynamic and constantly changing. That's why we take a modular approach that makes it easy to expect changes and extensions in the future.

Systemic design

Web design is system design, not graphic design. We create intelligent design systems so that all design components can be combined consistently and flexibly in changing compositions.

"Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration."
Jeffrey Zeldman

Content First: Why content is the key to designing a website 

Before we can create your website together, you should take a close look at the content. It forms the foundation for all further steps. Content not only determines the appearance and functionality of the website, but also its success. Well thought-out content enables you to address your target group in the best possible way and contributes to search engine optimization. Without relevant and appealing content, the design and technology of the website will not be able to develop their full effect. It is therefore crucial to prioritize content and to plan, create and maintain it carefully. With the help of a content management system, we give you full control over the content of your website. 

Working together to create the optimal information architecture 

Together, we develop a clear and user-friendly information architecture that presents your content effectively and meets the needs of your target group. Information architecture includes the selection, structuring and organization of content on your website to ensure intuitive navigation and an optimal user experience.

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