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Web development

We offer professional web development according to proven international standards with high demands on quality, maintainability and security.

What is our understanding of web development?

We understand web development as the process of implementation and functionality of a website or web application. While web design and UI/UX design concentrate on aesthetic design and user-friendliness, the focus of web development is on technical implementation, programming and data management. A distinction is made between front-end and back-end development. Front-end development refers to the design and implementation of the user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Back-end development focuses on server-side logic and data processing, e.g. using PHP and MySQL, including the implementation of functions such as database access, authentication and business logic.

What can you expect from us in web development?

Full stack development

We have extensive knowledge of various programming languages, frameworks and technologies on both sides of the tech stack. This enables us to create a complete and functional website or web application from start to finish.

Established standards

We rely on internationally established coding and quality standards in web development to guarantee professional, high-quality and future-proof solutions.

Open Source

We rely on open source solutions to benefit from collaborative development, reduce costs, promote innovation and offer flexible, transparent solutions.

What makes us special in web development?

State of the art technologies

We are curious and progressive. When it comes to new technologies, we are the first rather than the last to try them out and use them. "Never change a running system" is not something you hear from us.


We always think about tomorrow today and attach great importance to the scalability of our solutions. Our websites and web applications are designed so that they can easily grow, develop or adapt to changing requirements.


We always optimize the technical performance of our websites and web applications to a high level. This distinguishes our individual solutions from generic construction kits and improves the user experience and search engine ranking.

We rely on internationally established standards and open source 

The use of established international standards and frameworks in web development offers numerous advantages. These standards define best practices and conventions that enable consistent, interoperable and future-proof development. By adhering to these standards, developers benefit from a broad ecosystem of resources, tools and community support, which increases the efficiency and quality of their work. International standards also promote collaboration and knowledge sharing between developers worldwide, leading to more innovative solutions and new best practices. In addition, frameworks based on international standards facilitate development as they provide a structured foundation for developers to build on. They ensure that the applications created are compatible with a wide range of platforms, devices and technologies, which increases their reach and sustainability. Overall, international standards and frameworks are essential for the successful development of high-quality and future-proof web projects. We rely on open source to benefit from collaborative development, reduce costs, encourage innovation and provide flexible, transparent solutions. Access to a wide range of free software enables us to develop high-quality solutions faster and more efficiently, based on proven technologies while meeting the needs of our customers. In addition, the openness of open source software promotes a transparent and collaborative way of working that strengthens the exchange of knowledge and cooperation within the developer community. This enables us to react flexibly to new requirements and challenges and to offer our customers tailor-made solutions that meet their individual needs. Ultimately, the use of open source software supports our commitment to openness, transparency and innovation in software development.

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