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Web applications

We specialize in the creation of individual web applications based on modern frameworks such as Laravel and Vue.js.

What do we mean by a web application? 

A web application is software that is opened and used via a web browser and enables users to perform certain functions online. Web applications run on a web server and are accessible via a permanent internet connection. In contrast to conventional websites, which mainly provide information, web applications offer dynamic, interactive functions. For us, the term web application is a collective term for all web solutions that focus on functionality rather than content. For us, everything that is not a "normal" website is therefore classified as a web application. From a purely technical point of view, a website is of course also a (simple) web application.

Suitable references

What can you expect from our web applications?

Individual design

We avoid generic templates and rely on individual, flexible layouts and structures that are best suited to the purpose and content of your portal.


We optimize loading times, e.g. by compressing images, minimizing scripts, using caching and reducing server requests.

Open Source Software

We rely on open source to increase flexibility and security through transparency and to promote innovative solutions through the global developer community.

Modern IT security standards

GDPR compliance

What advantages do web applications offer? 

Web applications offer numerous advantages over native applications. They are platform-independent as they can be used on different devices via a web browser. This eliminates the need to develop separate versions for different operating systems. Web applications are easier to update, as changes are immediately available to all users without them having to update the application manually. They allow for easier distribution as they do not require installation and are accessible via a simple link. In addition, web applications can be hosted more easily on cloud infrastructures, which increases scalability and reliability.

Our key technologies for web applications

Funding opportunities

Take advantage of our expertise and state funding to make your company future-proof. As an accredited consulting company in the "go-digital" funding programme, we offer SMEs and craft businesses subsidized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. In addition to the federal funding program "go-digital", the WTSH offers further funding programs for SMEs and craft businesses based in Schleswig-Holstein.

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