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Software development

We offer professional software development based on modern web technologies in accordance with proven international standards and workflows.

What is our understanding of software development? 

Software development generally refers to the process of creating, planning, implementing, testing and maintaining software applications. We use the term to refer to software solutions based on web technology. This involves systematically developing software solutions that perform specific tasks or functions in the browser on computers, mobile devices or other Internet-enabled devices. The development process typically involves several phases, including requirements analysis, design planning, code implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. The field of software development has evolved over time to include agile methodologies, DevOps practices and continuous integration to promote more flexible and efficient development processes.

What can you expect from us in software development?

Full stack development

We have extensive knowledge of various programming languages, frameworks and technologies on both sides of the tech stack. This enables us to create a complete and functional web application from start to finish.

Security & data protection

The confidentiality and integrity of your data is one of the most important issues in software development. We pay attention to appropriate software design and the implementation of standard security measures right from the start.

Established standards

We rely on internationally established coding and quality standards in web development to guarantee professional, high-quality and future-proof solutions.

Continuous integration

By implementing continuous integration, we guarantee seamless and efficient development in which changes are regularly tested and automatically integrated into the main project.

Open Source

We rely on open source solutions to benefit from collaborative development, reduce costs, promote innovation and offer flexible, transparent solutions.

What makes our software development special?

State of the art technologies

We are curious and progressive. When it comes to new technologies, we are the first rather than the last to try them out and use them. "Never change a running system" is not something you hear from us.

Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) is an approach to software development in which tests are written before the actual code is implemented. We rely on it to improve the quality of the code, detect errors at an early stage and ensure functionality.

Code reviews with Zero Tolerance

We carry out standard code reviews with a zero tolerance policy. This involves correcting any errors, identifying potential for improvement and ensuring compliance with guidelines and standards using the dual control principle.

We rely on internationally established standards and open source 

The use of established international standards and frameworks in software development offers numerous advantages. These standards reflect best practices and proven methods that improve the efficiency, security and interoperability of software solutions. By relying on these standards, developers can access an extensive ecosystem of resources, tools and communities, which speeds up development and reduces the risk of errors. In addition, standards enable easier integration of third-party components and promote the portability of applications across different platforms and environments. Last but not least, frameworks provide a structured basis on which developers can build, facilitating team collaboration as well as the maintenance and scalability of software projects. Overall, established international standards and frameworks make a significant contribution to ensuring the quality, reliability and sustainability of software solutions. We rely on open source to benefit from collaborative development, reduce costs, promote innovation and offer flexible, transparent solutions. Access to a wide range of free software enables us to develop high-quality solutions more efficiently, based on proven technologies while meeting the needs of our customers. In addition, the openness of open source software promotes a transparent and collaborative way of working that strengthens the exchange of knowledge and cooperation within the developer community. This enables us to react flexibly to new requirements and challenges and offer our customers customized solutions that meet their individual needs. Ultimately, the use of open source software supports our commitment to openness, transparency and innovation in software development.

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