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We offer you honest, professional advice and effective, holistic design before and during the creation of your website or software solution.

How can we help you with consulting and design for websites and software solutions? 

We lay the foundation for the success of websites and software with our consulting and design services. Through careful planning tailored to the needs of our customers, we ensure that the end product is functional, user-friendly and targeted. In this way, we avoid undesirable developments, save costs and maximize the effectiveness of the solution.

What can you expect from us?

In-depth analysis

We are eager to learn and always interested in new topics. If we want to help you, we first need to understand you and your work. That's why we don't shy away from the effort of familiarizing ourselves deeply with your topic.

Honest advice

We advise you openly and honestly. Of course we have an interest in generating income. But we want to provide a meaningful service in return that really helps you.

Effective, holistic concept

When we develop concepts, we think in terms of technology and have all aspects of websites and software solutions in mind.

"No one knows exactly what they want."

David Thomas & Andrew Hunt (The Pragmatic Programmer)
In a field as complex and fast-moving as software development, it is almost impossible to have a clear idea of what the final product should look like right from the start. It therefore makes sense to seek comprehensive advice before starting product development. This offers several advantages: During the consultation, we can work out the exact requirements, find the right solutions for them and precisely define the scope of the project. Clear concepts and the development of prototypes form a solid basis for the actual development. They enable a more efficient implementation of the requirements and help to save time and resources in later development phases and avoid budget overruns. Overall, careful consultation and concept development in close cooperation with the customer helps to steer product development in the right direction, minimize errors and misunderstandings and deliver a successful software product.

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