Our expertise

Operation & maintenance

We take care of the hosting, operation and maintenance of our websites and web applications. From setup and bug fixing to security updates.

What does operation and maintenance mean? 

A web server is required for the operation of websites and web applications, via which the function and accessibility on the Internet is mapped. We do not own any web servers ourselves, but rent the hardware in professional data centers for our purposes. We leave the maintenance and ensuring the function of the hardware to the experts in the respective data center. We configure and maintain the server software and take care of the secure and smooth operation of both the server and the websites and web applications running on it.

What can you expect from us?

Managed cloud server

We rent virtual server instances for your website or application from an external provider and take care of the smooth operation of the required software.

Modern safety standards

Modern security standards include, for example, encryption technologies such as HTTPS for secure data transfers, the implementation of DDoS protection measures and the implementation of firewalls for network security.

Server location Germany

A server location in Germany offers German applications faster data transfer, lower latency times and increased data security. It also enables legal protection and uniform handling of legal issues in accordance with German law.

Scalable infrastructure

Scalable infrastructure makes it possible to adapt resources flexibly and in line with demand in order to deal with increasing requirements or peak loads without impairing performance or availability.

Service contracts and SLAs

Service contracts and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) define the conditions, standards and expectations between us to determine and ensure the maintenance services, quality, availability and support services for your application.

What makes us special?

Automated, cost-effective server management

Our automated server management enables efficient administration of our servers. Routine tasks are automated and sources of error are eliminated. This saves time and costs.

Permanent monitoring

We constantly monitor our system for availability and can therefore identify problems at an early stage and solve them proactively.

Update Early Policy

We take care of software updates early and regularly to close security gaps and ensure the stability and performance of our systems.

Professional ticketing

We use Zendesk to manage support requests and problem reports. By creating, tracking and escalating tickets, we can ensure efficient processing and resolution of your concerns.

Why is operation by us the most effective solution? 

Our service usually includes not only the development, but also the operation of your website or web application. While external providers are possible, using our service is usually more cost-effective and ensures seamless support and optimal performance of your digital presence. Server management is complex. It involves a variety of tasks, including setting up, configuring, monitoring, securing and updating servers, as well as ensuring performance, security and availability. It also requires a deep understanding of different technologies and systems, as well as continuous adaptation to changing requirements and threats. Using a third-party system and working with another service provider is more complex, as it requires additional coordination, communication and integration. Different systems and processes have to be harmonized, which can lead to compatibility problems and delays. In addition, different working methods and cultures can make collaboration more difficult and impair efficiency.

Our external hosting services


In most cases, we rely on Hetzner as an external hosting service provider for our websites and web applications.

Amazon Web Services

For some special requirements, it may make sense to use Amazon's extremely powerful infrastructure (Amazon Web Services).


We use Cloudflare for special security measures or to set up a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

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