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Superfast user interfaces with Vue.js

React, Angular or Vue.js? When it comes to Javascript frameworks for frontend development, you're spoiled for choice. We have been successfully relying on the open source framework Vue.js for several years. Especially in combination with Laravel, we effectively develop web applications with the best user experience.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for developing graphical user interfaces in web applications. Originally, Vue.js was developed by Evan You, a former Google employee. Unlike the direct competitors Angular (Google) or React (Facebook), there is no big company behind the development of Vue.js, but an open source community.

Speed through a single-page approach.

In a single-page concept, a website or the interface for a software consists of a single static web page. External applications generate the dynamic content and embed it at various points in the presentation. This approach leads to an extremely fluid user experience, since only individual sections are reloaded, but never the entire page. Transitions between different views can also be animated in this way, so that there are no breaks in use due to loading times.

Why Vue.js?

What we like about Vue.js is the accessible, quick-to-learn base set of features and the progressive implementation approach. Vue.js can be used very flexibly for a variety of use cases. It can serve as a small library to extend an existing technology stack, or as a complete framework for the basis of a new project. The barriers to entry are manageable. The extensive documentation with a flat learning curve helps our team to efficiently arrive at executable solutions.

Our Dream Team: Vue.js & Laravel

The development of Vue.js is now not only driven by individuals, but also by a variety of companies. Special mention should be made here of Laravel, one of the largest and best-known PHP frameworks, which not only sponsors Vue.js but has now also integrated it as part of its own framework. This not only creates confidence in the longevity of the framework, but also acts as a perfect symbiosis for our web applications.