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Web portals

We create modern web portals for you and your users with a secure login that provides access to individualized content or functions.

What do we mean by web portal? 

A web portal is a special type of website that allows users to log in and gain access to personalized content and services. It differs from a normal website in that it offers a more personalized and interactive experience. A web portal serves as a central point on the internet where you can access a variety of functions and information customized to your needs.

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What can you expect from our web portals?

Individual design

We avoid generic templates and rely on individual, flexible layouts and structures that are best suited to the purpose and content of your portal.

Responsive design

Our web portals are optimized for display on all screen sizes so that they can be optimally displayed and operated on any end device.

Secure login

We rely on established standards for user authentication in order to optimally protect data and privacy.

Admin Panel

An admin panel allows you to easily manage user accounts and settings for your web portal with a central user interface.

E-mail notifications

Admins and users can be notified by email about updates or processes in the system.

Open Source Software

We rely on open source to increase flexibility and security through transparency and to promote innovative solutions through the global developer community.

GDPR compliance

Modern IT security standards

Fast loading times

What are the advantages of a web portal?

A web portal offers several advantages, including personalized access to content and functions, data protection and security. By logging in, users can save individual settings, receive personalized content and use interactive services. It also enables the management of user data and access rights, which increases data security. Furthermore, it enables the analysis of user behavior to improve the user experience and enable targeted communication. A login-based web portal is therefore an effective way to build an engaged user base, encourage interaction and optimize the user experience.

Our key technologies for web portals

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