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PIM / DAM systems

We install, model, configure and operate systems for product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) based on established systems such as PimCore.

What is a PIM system? 

A PIM (Product Information Management) system is a software solution that supports companies in centrally managing all information and data relating to their products. It enables the collection, maintenance, enrichment and distribution of product information across various sales channels. PIM systems optimize processes relating to product catalogs, improve data quality and promote efficiency in marketing and sales. 

What is a DAM system? 

A DAM (Digital Asset Management) system is software that enables the storage, organization, management and distribution of digital content such as images, videos, music files and documents. It serves as a central library where users can find, share and edit digital media, helping companies to use their digital assets efficiently, control access and ensure brand consistency across different platforms and communication channels.

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What can you expect from our PIM / DAM systems?

Mapping of individual data models

You receive a customized adaptation to the specific data of your company.

Admin Panel

An admin panel makes it easy to manage data and assets from a central user interface.

Open Source

We rely on open source to increase flexibility and security through transparency and to promote innovative solutions through the global developer community.

What are the advantages of using PIM and DAM systems?

A Product Information Management (PIM) system offers companies the opportunity to centrally manage, standardize and optimize product information. This leads to a consistent and accurate presentation of product data on various sales channels. Centralized management enables companies to work more efficiently, save time and reduce errors. In addition, a PIM system enables the personalization of product information and adaptation to different target groups, which leads to an improved customer approach and increases conversion rates. A digital asset management (DAM) system enables the efficient management and organization of digital content such as images, videos and documents. Centralized storage and management allows companies to quickly access the assets they need and use them in different channels. This improves collaboration between teams and reduces redundancies. A DAM system also offers metadata management, versioning and authorization control functions, which ensures the security and integrity of digital assets. By improving the management and use of digital content, a DAM system increases a company's efficiency, productivity and brand perception.

Our key technologies for PIM / DAM systems

Funding opportunities

Take advantage of our expertise and state funding to make your company future-proof. As an accredited consulting company in the "go-digital" funding programme, we offer SMEs and craft businesses subsidized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. In addition to the federal funding program "go-digital", the WTSH offers further funding programs for SMEs and craft businesses based in Schleswig-Holstein.

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