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Mobile web apps

We create individual mobile web apps based on established frameworks such as Laravel and Vue.js

What do we mean by a mobile web app? 

A mobile web app is an application that is used via a mobile web browser on a smartphone or tablet. In contrast to native apps, they are based on web-based technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They are platform-independent and can be used on different devices and operating systems. Mobile web apps offer users similar functions and interactions as native apps, including the ability to access device functions such as the camera or location. They are accessed via a URL and do not require installation from an app store. Mobile web apps can work both online and offline, depending on how they are developed and whether they need to access specific resources. They offer companies a cost-effective way to offer their services on mobile and reach a broad user base without having to provide special development resources for different platforms.

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What can you expect from our mobile web apps?

Individual design

We avoid generic templates and rely on individual, flexible layouts and structures that are best suited to the purpose and content of your web app.

Mapping of individual business logic

You receive a tailor-made adaptation to the specific requirements and processes of your company.


We optimize loading times, e.g. by compressing images, minimizing scripts, using caching and reducing server requests.

What advantages do mobile web apps offer? 

Web apps offer a number of advantages over native apps. They are platform-independent and can be used on different devices via a web browser, which simplifies development and maintenance. Their web-based nature eliminates the need for app downloads and installations, making user acquisition easier. Web apps also allow for faster updates, as changes are made directly on the server and are immediately available to all users. They are also more cost-efficient to develop and operate as they can use a single code base. Due to their availability on the web, they also offer a wider reach and can be found and shared more easily.

Our key technologies for mobile web apps

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