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Booking systems

We specialize in the development of individual booking systems that digitize and automate your individual business processes.

What do we mean by booking system? 

Booking systems are special web applications that enable users to make appointments or reservations online - for travel, hotels, restaurants or events, for example. Booking systems automate the booking process by displaying availability in real time and allowing reservations to be made directly over the internet. This type of web application is particularly useful for service companies, as it simplifies the booking process for customers and makes the management of appointments more efficient.

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What can you expect from our booking systems?

Mapping of individual business logic

You receive a tailor-made adaptation to the specific requirements and processes of your company.

Secure login

We rely on established standards for user authentication in order to optimally protect data and privacy.

Admin Panel

An admin panel makes it easy to manage user accounts, content and settings of a website or application from a central user interface.

GDPR compliance

Modern IT security standards

Technical SEO

What optional features do our booking systems offer?

Online Payment

Your customers can pay for their bookings directly and securely online. We use established services such as Mollie or Stripe.

SMS notifications

Automatically send your customers important notifications about booking processes directly to their cell phones via SMS.

Interface connection

We connect your booking system with other services and platforms to seamlessly exchange data and use advanced features.

What makes our booking systems stand out?

Lots of experience

When developing booking systems, we can draw on many years of experience in the context of various business models.


Our booking systems can be flexibly modified and expanded in order to be able to react quickly to new requirements of your business model.

Open Source

We rely on open source to increase flexibility and security through transparency and to promote innovative solutions through the global developer community.

What advantages does a booking system offer? 

An online booking system offers numerous advantages: It allows customers to book services around the clock, which increases customer satisfaction and leads to more bookings. For companies, it reduces administrative work as bookings are processed automatically. It improves efficiency through real-time availability displays and minimizes the risk of overbooking. It also provides valuable insights into booking trends and customer preferences that can be used for targeted marketing strategies and strengthens the company's online presence.

"For every minute you spend organizing, you gain an hour."
Benjamin Franklin

Our key technologies for booking systems

Funding opportunities

Take advantage of our expertise and state funding to make your company future-proof. As an accredited consulting company in the "go-digital" funding programme, we offer SMEs and craft businesses subsidized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. In addition to the federal funding program "go-digital", the WTSH offers further funding programs for SMEs and craft businesses based in Schleswig-Holstein.

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