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Muhlack Kiel

  • Muhlack Kiel GmbH – Tischlerei, Metallbau und Raumakustik

Website for a versatile company

Muhlack Kiel GmbH covers the service areas of carpentry, metal construction, room acoustics and point of sale. A particular challenge was to develop an appealing and appropriate design for the diverse range of services.

Muhlack Kiel

Muhlack Kiel

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  • Laravel
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  • litstack

Timeless, simple web design

We have deliberately chosen a very simple and timeless design approach. The presentation of the services is done mainly through many reference images. Our restrained web design gives these images enough space to unfold by reducing them to monochrome colors, a businesslike typography and a lot of white space.

Gallery Masonry

Since communication should be especially about the images, we have designed a multi-level image gallery, whose image arrangements can be variably adjusted line by line via the CMS. This automatically creates an interesting horizontal masonry grid. The height of the respective image rows is calculated on the basis of the inserted images, which in turn are scaled to the same height true to format. In the CMS you only have to decide which and how many images should be in a row. The layout then results from the automation.

Interactive map

On an interactive Google map, diverse reference projects of the company are presented. Users:inside can filter thereby after the different achievements or search a certain postal zip code periphery around itself to be convinced.