CoWorkLand web portal

Web portal
CoWorkLand e.G.

Initial situation & goal

Community for co-working spaces in rural areas

CoWorkLand supports its members in setting up their own co-working spaces. Based on the existing corporate design, we developed a responsive web design and programmed the website with an individual admin panel for space operators.

Our solution

Platform for CoWorkers & Admin Panel for Space operators

The website brings interested co-workers together with space operators and offers opportunities to make contact. The operators of the CoWorking spaces can manage and offer their spaces online via the browser using a completely customized admin panel based on Laravel and Vue.js.

Association for coworking spaces

CoWorkLand e.G.

The CoWorkLand association supports people who want to set up and operate coworking spaces in rural areas. Coworking spaces are made visible via the cooperative and public welfare-oriented Coworkland platform. Customers have the opportunity to book mobile workspaces in rural areas.