Center for Ocean and Society

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Center for Ocean and Society

  • Center for Ocean and Society – Research at Kiel University
  • Kiel Marine Science – Ocean research at the Kiel University
  • CAU – Kiel University

Research at the interface between ocean and society

The "Center for Ocean and Society" (CeOS) is a platform of the "Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel" (CAU) opened in 2020 for research at the interface of ocean and man. Integrated into the research focus "Kiel Marine Science" (KMS) at Kiel University, the center will in the future focus on the implementation of scientific projects in exchange with stakeholders from business, politics and civil society.

Center for Ocean and Society

Center for Ocean and Society

Center for Ocean and Society

Center for Ocean and Society

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  • Hosting & maintenance
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • litstack

Corporate Design & Logo

For the opening of the center, we first developed an independent, new corporate design including logo design. A particular challenge was to visualize the affiliation to the existing image of the research focus "Kiel Marine Science", yet to create an independent visual brand.

The concentric logo visualizes the undulating interface between the ocean and society and at the same time conveys the dynamic complexity inherent in research. The circular shape of the logo and the abstracted waves as a design element - in addition to the color system - deliberately build visual bridges to the appearance of "KMS", but without sacrificing independence.

Custom Website

In a second step, we developed the center's custom website. Together with the researchers, we designed the content and structure of the website from scratch using wireframes. From the general corporate design, we derived special design tools for screen use and developed a component-based screen design system for the website that remains flexible and adaptable for long-term use.

The completely individual technical implementation of the website is based on the PHP framework "Laravel" and the Javascript framework "Vue.js". For the implementation of the design system we relied on the CSS framework "Tailwindcss". The content management of the website is realized via our admin system "litstack" with an individualized and intuitively usable admin interface.