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Blue bioeconomy

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The Blue Bioeconomy in Northern Germany supports the transformation to a biobased economy throughout Germany

Blue bioeconomy is the production and use of marine / aquatic biological resources to provide products, processes and services in all sectors of the economy. The full potential of the bioeconomy is awakening in northern Germany: the biological productivity of the North Sea and Baltic Sea is still underestimated. The Innovation Space Bioeconomy on Marine Sites shows ways and opens up opportunities to rethink aquatic resources. The Blue Bioeconomy in Northern Germany is an umbrella brand of the Bioeconomy on Marine Sites (BaMS) e. V. from Kiel.

Logo design, corporate identity and information design

For the umbrella brand Blue Bioeconomy, we first developed a logo system with a combined word-picture mark including sub-brands for associated projects. In addition to the classic design elements of colors, shapes and typography of the corporate identity, we developed in particular an individual icon set and a modular system for infographics.

Comprehensive website with project microsites

The extensive website has a complex, multi-level navigation system and flexible, reusable content modules. Microsites with their own navigation structure can be created for projects.

Powerful, customized CMS

All pages, navigation and various data objects for manual or automatic integration within pages can be created and edited flexibly and intuitively via an individually configured content management system. A complex tag system allows the automated clustering of content and data.

Blue bioeconomy

Blue bioeconomy

Blue bioeconomy

Blue bioeconomy

Blue bioeconomy

Blue bioeconomy

  • Logo design

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  • Information design

  • Icon design

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