Aidshilfe SH website & corporate design

Corporate design
AIDS-Hilfe Schleswig-Holstein

Initial situation & goal

Standardization of the appearance and launch of a joint national association website

The state association of AIDS service organizations in Schleswig-Holstein had various websites of the associated regional associations with a disparate appearance. Our task was to merge the appearances with a uniform corporate design. In addition, a new website was to be created for the state association with uniform microsites for the regional associations in order to replace the different website systems that had grown over time.

Our solution

Multi-tenancy microsites

The individual regional associations each have their own microsites to communicate specific content and events regionally. Overarching content such as general information on diseases can be found in the structures of the national association, so that redundant maintenance of such content is not necessary. 

Individual CMS

All content is managed via an individual content management system based on our open source package litstack. Separate accesses with separate authorizations are available for the regional associations. 

Barrier-free according to WCAG AA

The web design was created to be as barrier-free as possible and follows the WCAG standards. 

Uniform digital appearance

We have designed a modern, new look for the state association of AIDS service organizations in Schleswig-Holstein. The new appearance is deliberately derived from the corporate design of the umbrella brand of the German AIDS service organization. This not only allows the association to benefit from the distribution and value of the umbrella brand, but also visually emphasizes its affiliation with the umbrella brand. The entire appearance of the national association and regional associations has thus been professionalized and standardized. 

Logo system

In order to ensure the distinctiveness of the regional associations, we have developed a logo system in which the associations can be given an independent identity within the framework of the umbrella brand through an individual word mark and an assigned color.

Prevention, counseling and support for people with HIV/AIDS

AIDS-Hilfe Schleswig-Holstein

AIDS-Hilfe Schleswig-Holstein is a non-profit organization in Germany dedicated to the prevention, counselling and support of people with HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Schleswig-Holstein. Its services include education and prevention, counseling and support for those affected, testing and screening services and combating stigmatization and discrimination. Its aim is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs and improve the quality of life of those affected.