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Nuxt.js is a JavaScript framework built on top of Vue.js. We use Nuxt.js for fast, scalable single-page applications (SPA) with server-side rendering (SSR).
Published on 09.05.2023
Last updated on 09.05.2023

What is Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js is a JavaScript framework built on top of Vue.js that simplifies the development of scalable, fast single-page applications (SPA) or server-side rendered web applications (SSR). It was developed in 2016 by Alexandre Chopin and Debbie O'Brien and is supported by an active developer community. Nuxt.js extends the benefits of Vue.js, offering advanced routing features and integrated server-side rendering with a modular approach, in addition to easy setup.

Advantages of Nuxt.js

The framework offers a "zero-configuration" setup, so developers need to make minimal adjustments to build custom applications. Advanced routing features let you create complex routing structures file-based, defining individual addresses within a web application (routes). In addition, there is an integrated server-side rendering (SSR) functionality, which ensures SEO-optimized applications and faster loading times. The Javascript application is rendered on the server - something that would actually only happen in the user's browser. On the one hand, this improves loading times, and on the other hand, search engine bots can be provided with the required content, even though they are usually unable to execute Javascript. In addition, the modular approach generally allows to load only the really needed modules and thus to adapt the application exactly to individual needs.

Our use of Nuxt.js

As we have been using Vue.js for our web applications for a long time, Nuxt.js offers a perfect extension to our existing tech stack. With its easy setup and predefined basic functionality, our developers can save time and focus on actual application development. Especially for SEO-optimized applications like websites, the built-in SSR functionality helps us to quickly achieve optimal results. At the same time, we achieve best performance in loading times with our Nuxt.js websites. We also like the integrated routing functionality, which is based on and extends the Vue router. Generation of routes, dynamic routing and custom layouts are so easy and quick to implement.

Nuxt.js & Strapi CMS

We have been using Nuxt.js in combination with the Strapi CMS for website development for some time. The combination of these two tools allows us to efficiently and quickly create high-quality custom websites that are perfectly tailored to our clients' needs. By using Nuxt.js and Strapi, we can create user-friendly, scalable, and powerful websites that are easy to manage.

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