Bassliner check-in app

Web app (PWA)
Bassliner check-in app

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Check-in via QR code

Every year Bassliner is transporting thousands of visitors to selected major events, such as the Fusion Festival, using chartered buses. When passengers check-in, our app comes into play and conveniently verifies tickets via QR code scan.

Bassliner check-in app

Bassliner check-in app

Bassliner check-in app

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • UI/UX design
  • App development
  • Software development
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • VueX
  • litstack
  • REST-Api
  • Web-Sockets
  • Tailwind CSS

UI/UX design

Based on the screen design of bassliner.org, we derived a simplified UI/UX design that focuses on the effective and intuitive operation of the app. Check-in is often performed by different and new employees, so familiarization with the functionality must be as quick and easy as possible.

Platform and device-independent solution

Since the app must be able to run flexibly on a wide variety of devices and platforms, our Progressive Web App is the optimal solution. The application runs in the smartphone's browser, does not require any installation or updates on the part of the user, and can be run on all common operating systems and devices from a wide range of manufacturers.

Check-in by scan or manually

Check-in can be done conveniently by scanning a QR code printed on the ticket. Scanning from a screen is also possible. This feature was implemented using a Javascript library for scanning barcodes and QR codes. Alternatively, a manual check-in via selection from a list of passengers is available.

litstack Admin Panel

For the administration of the app, an individually configured admin panel based on our open source framework litstack is used. There, employees can be registered and trips can be assigned to the employees. In addition, admin users can retrieve evaluations of individual check-ins.

Synchronization with booking system via REST-Api

Passenger lists are automatically fed from the Bassliner booking system via REST api and become available for the check-in process in the app.

Live updates via web sockets

Communication between the web app and admin panel is done live via web sockets so that, e. g., new rides can be "pushed" to employees. In addition, admin users can view check-ins and the progress status of a bus without reloading.